Leave bureaucracy to us!

Sivir Translations is your reliable assistant in all communications with the Bulgarian institutions for the whole period of your stay in the country.
We will prepare an action plan to effectively organize your life in the new place.
Your moving to Bulgaria is your serious future project, and we are the project managers who will organize the process.

Why Choose Us?

Professional approach

We will work in accordance with your requirements and the Bulgarian legislation

Meeting your individual needs

We tailor our services exactly to your needs and requirements

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services and experts to assist you

Local experts

Our employees are qualified and are "at your fingertips" to provide you with competent assistance

Quality services

We strive to satisfy our clients to the fullest extent


We are ready to meet you needs in new or emergency situations

Save time

We can save your valuable time through professionally taking care of your engagements

Reliable assistant in emergency situations

We provide assistants to resolve your complex and emergency cases

It is our mission to facilitate and optimize the process of relocation and adaptation of foreigners during their stay and work in Bulgaria

We offer to our clients a wide range of corporate and individual services provided by our experienced professionals:

Corporate clients

  • Residence Permit for a foreigner
  • Permanent Residence Permit  for a foreigner
  • Personal Foreigner’s Number /PFN/
  • Residence Permit card
  • Work Permit for a foreigner
  • Registration at National Revenue Agency 
  • BULSTAT of a foreigner
  • Visa for a foreigner
  • Assistance in emergencies

Individual clients

  • Personal expat attendant
  • Guide showing you around the city and the neighborhood
  • Assistance in emergencies
  • Registration of a foreigner by place of residence
  • Moving Baggage
  • Provision of documents necessary for the purchase of real estate
  • Movement and registration of motor vehicles
  • Provision of documents necessary for the purchase of vehicles
  • Pet relocation
  • Household assistance
  • Assistance in choosing a school
  • Assistance in choosing a language course
  • Assistance in opening  and closing bank accounts
  • Assistance in selecting insurance
  • Assistance in the case of documents lost
  • Assistance in departing from Bulgaria

Translation Services

  • Personal interpreter
  • Document translation
  • Assistance with Notary Certification of Documents
  • Legalization of documents