About us

As people who have lived abroad, we know very well the challenges faced by anyone who decides to start their life in a new place. We have developed our services motivated by this experience and the desire to help foreigners make Sofia feel like home faster. Whether you are relocating a business, hiring foreigners or moving to Sofia independently, we can help you with every aspect of your new journey – from preparing the necessary documents to starting a business, settling in or organizing your first vacation. You can rely on us especially in emergencies, when we can be there for your in person. You can also delegate the communication with Bulgarian administration to us and save plenty of time. We can represent you in many situations or offer you or your employees a personal assistant who will accompany you when you visit the local institutions.

Our motto is "Leave bureaucracy to us!"

We started in 2014 with translation and legalization services, real estate transactions and performing administrative tasks on behalf of Bulgarian citizens and companies. Our permanent clients are leading real estate and law firms. Their growing inquiries about help in relocation made us expand our services to meet the needs of this growing market. This is how we gradually became the daily partner of the hundreds of foreigners who choose to live and work in Bulgaria.

How we work

Contact us by e-mail, phone or through the inquiry form. A SIVIR representative will contact you and prepare an individual offer for the services you need.



If you are hiring foreigners, moving or starting a business in Sofia, we can offer full outsourcing throughout the year or tailored services

Individual clients and families

Whether you are planing to move by yourself or with your family, we can help you with every step of your new adventure

Our team

Petar Blagoev

Manager / CEO

I am the manager of our enthusiastic team. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in International Real Estate.

During my stay in the United States and the UK, I used the services of relocation companies that made my life abroad more relaxed and stress-free.


Drawing on my personal experience, I have the ambition and desire to provide similar services to foreigners who have come to live and work in my country.

Our team is ready to assist every individual and corporate customer who has approached us in their struggle with the local bureaucracy.

Maria Momchilova

Office Manager

I am the Manager of our office. I coordinate the work of my colleagues, accept and assign orders for translation and legalization and communicate with a number of different clients, interpreters and institutions daily.

I am a graduate of the 114 English Language School in Sofia. I have a degree in law from Sofia University “St. Kiment Ohridski”. However, my professional career developed mainly in the field of advertising.

I accepted the challenge to join SIVIR’s team with great pleasure because I enjoy working with different people and helping them solve their problems!

It is demanding alright! But the reward comes in the form of smiles and personal satisfaction!

Gergana Stoyanova

Administrative Services Advisor

I am responsible for solving the administrative problems of our individual clients.

I was born in Bulgaria. I completed my secondary education in Sofia and then moved to the Netherlands to follow a program called Leisure Management at the University of Applied Sciences.

After years spent in Amsterdam training, freelancing and gaining experience, I decided to return to my home country.

It was my personal experience of moving to a foreign country that motivated me to join SIVIR’s team. Undoubtedly, relocation is a long and difficult process for every foreigner. It is my mission to make the experience easier and simpler for our clients in Bulgaria.

Nevena Stefanova


I am an English / Bulgarian interpreter. I graduated from the English Language School in Plovdiv and have a degree in English Philology from Sofia University “St. Kiment Ohridski”.

I have many years of experience as a translator and an editor of texts of different nature and complexity.

Working with SIVIR gives me pleasure because I like its professional approach, my colleagues’ high standards of performance and our approach to to clients and I am happy to be member of our ambitious team.