If you are starting or relocating a business or hiring foreigners from anywhere in the world, you can assign risk management to us. If you are a new company, our trusted partners will consult you on the local tax and legal environment. If you are moving a business or hiring foreigners, you can delegate the entire process to us or contact us for services tailored to your needs. To facilitate your communication with the local administration, we offer personal attendants or representatives before the institutions.

After arriving in Bulgaria, you can turn to us for any problems that may arise in the process of settling in and adapting to your new environment, including emergencies.

See a list of our services and do not hesitate to contact us for preparing an individual action plan tailored to your needs. If you need help with something you do not see on the website, fill in the inquiry form. We are flexible and we will find a solution!



If you are considering moving to Sofia but you need additional information about the local environment, trust us to consult you

Delegation services

If you don’t have time for bureaucracy, we will represent you before the local institutions in many situations

EU and third country immigration

Regardless of your country of origin, we will advise you on the necessary documents and registrations

Administration attendant

We can provide a personal attendant when you visit the local institutions

Translation and legalization

Trust us with the accurate translation of your documents

Starting a business

Our trusted partners will provide legal and tax advice for your business


We will arrange the process of moving your baggage, car and pets to Bulgaria

Home and family services

You can count on us for every aspect of your stay in Sofia

Emergency support

We will be by your side in emergency situations, like losing your documents or having a road accident


We will organize your trip back to your home country or new destination

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