Delegating administrative tasks

When moving to a foreign country, dealing with the new rules can be a real challenge and consume too much of your time. Our team is there to help you navigate bureaucracy more easily. We can represent you in many situations or offer a personal attendant when you visit the institutions. They know their requirements well and will facilitate your communication with them. If you are relocating a business or hiring foreigners, we can offer full relocation outsourcing throughout the year. Send us an inquiry and we will prepare an action plan that meets your needs.

We can represent you in the following situations:

  Issuing residence documents for EU and third country nationals (
permanent, prolonged and long-term residence permits and certificates)

Issuing a work permit

√ Reunification of families from the EU and third countries

Registration at the National Revenue Agency (NRA)

Renting or purchasing a property or a home

Registering a property at the Bulgarian Registry Agency

Issuing medical and other insurances

Connecting and managing utilities

Enrolling in language courses, schools, universities

Customs clearance of packages and package delivery

Delivering and receiving personal and company documents

Signing out of the property and BULSTAT company registers of the Bulgarian Registry Agency

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