Moving services

We will organize your relocation with the help of our partners specializing in the local and international transportation of personal property and luggage. Our tips will make the transfer easier and help you quickly make your new place feel like home.


We will help you with:

√ Airport pick-up

√ Moving your baggage

√ Moving and registering a vehicle

We will organize the professional international transportation of your vehicle and will let you know what is needed to register it in the new location. If necessary, we will do the registration on your behalf.

√ Moving pets

We will take care of transporting your pets and will help you find a good veterinarian once they are here.

√ Transportation services

Once you arrive in Bulgaria, we will recommend trusted transport companies that will professionally solve any problems related to transporting people, pets and personal belongings.


When your engagements in Bulgaria are over, you can trust our team to organize your departure back to your home country or your next destination. We will make an action plan with you and arrange all the details.

Do you need help with something you don’t see on our website? Contact us using our inquiry form. We are flexible and will find a solution!

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