Relocation services

When moving to a foreign country, communication with the local institutions might give the newcomer a really hard time. Our team will help you acclimate to the new environment; introduce you to the local ways and see that all your engagements in the new circumstances are properly carried out.
On a specific request on your part, we will develop and implement an action plan that meets your needs and the administrative requirements on the territory of Bulgaria.

  • Assistance in preparing documents and obtaining a visa for Bulgaria

We will help you in the process of applying to obtain, extend and renew your BG visa regardless of your nationality and type of residence in the country.

  • Assistance in registration by place of residence

We will provide you with the most up-to-date information and will assist you in your personal registration with local institutions.

  • Assistance in getting Foreigner’s Number from NRA, PFN, BULSTAT

We will explain to you what you are obliged to do as a foreigner staying temporarily in Bulgaria. We will accompany you or represent you before the relevant state institution to get your mandatory registration.

  • Assistance in purchasing or renting real estate

Thanks to our trusted partners, Real Estate Agents, we have the opportunity to provide our clients with full support and assistance before, during and after the specific deal for the purchase, sale or rental of your real estate.

  • Assistance in purchasing or renting a motor vehicle

We are acquainted with the procedure of buying or selling a vehicle. It is extremely important and when completed with our assistance, according to the requirements of the law, it will make you a registered owner of your chosen car without wasting time, nerves and money.

  • Assistance in opening and closing bank accounts

We will advise you on the specifics of the Bulgarian financial system and will escort you in order to facilitate your initial contacts with the bank you have chosen to serve your needs during your stay.

  • We will help when you need insurance

We work with leading insurance brokers who will recommend the appropriate insurance to meet your needs, status and financial capacity.

  • Assistance in emergencies

Should an emergency occur, you can be confident that an expert from our foreign language staff will delve into your problem. He or she will escort you while visiting the relevant institutions and make every effort to help you find the perfect solution.

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