Translation and legalization

As a company that started its business with translation and legalization services, we can say that this is one of our strengths. Trust us for the precise translation and legalization of your personal, corporate and legal documents in accordance with international legal documentation standards. Besides document translation, we provide personal interpreters when filling out documents, during business meetings and events, when certifying transactions with a notary public, etc. Our licensed translators work accurately and deliver on time. They translate from and to all European and a large number of other languages. Apart from translations, we can offer to deliver and receive personal and company documents on your behalf.


We will help you with the following services:

Personal interpreter /when filling out, submitting and receiving documents/

Consecutive interpretation /during business negotiations, business meetings, travelling, completing notarial acts, PR events, etc. /

Simultaneous interpretation /during multilingual conferences, symposia, congresses, etc. /

Written translation


Notarial certification.


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